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Friday, July 24, 2009


The history of our race,and each individual's experience,are sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and a lie told well is immortal. Remember Raja Harish Chandra?? He chose to be a truth-teller throughout his life and got in return an eternal dose of sufferings & sacrifices.

The time has again turned its face to the history and truth-telling has emerged as a reality T.V show-'SACH KA SAMNA'. Participants, speak the truth and get lucrative prize money in return.Simple? Well,the story isn't that straight-forward. People are persistently coming forward and placing their opinion on whether this show should be aired on T.V or not? So much so that this issue was raised in the parliament, asking the govenment to ban the show. With so much opposition, there are less chances for this show to survive. But,I am in a dilemma here and let me share it with you...

Agnes Repplier once said,"There are few nudities as objectionable as the naked truth." May be this is turning out to be evident with the fate of this show. If I suppose that I support this show,then I must point out that the people participating are willing to tell the truth about their own life. If they don't have any problems accepting it,why the hell are others poking their noses?Also,no one is forcing any viewer. If you don't feel like watching it, just change the channel,as the participant is busy coining lucre and hardly pays heed to your opinion. Nextly, the participants get a chance to face the truth and their family, in the flow of the game and the money factor acts as a sort of encouragement. Take it the other way round, perhaps many family matters may get sorted,who knows!! I think the idea of this show surely rocks!! But...

On the other hand, if you have a glance at its negativity,then it is found that this show raises some discomfort among viewers as it raises very personal and sensitive questions quite often. This makes it objectionable and difficult to view with family members as children aren't mature enough to intake adult content and Indian culture doesn't permit it. As it is said, "All the truth is good, but not all truth is good to say." Also, it is observed that till now all the participants have been celebrity guests, who have an inherent talent of earning negative publicity without any shame. They are apt at washing their dirty linen in public with grace. So,does the common man accepts this show and would come to participate is still a query. Moreover, the polygraph test is not fool proof.

But,what irritates me most is the fact that our politicians are objecting it. Those politicians who ardently follow Lenin's words-"A lie spoken quite often is accepted as truth." Perhaps,they should be tied down to that chair and made to go through the polygraph test and then the stories of endless scams and corruption will emerge. Perhaps, they are apprehensive about it and that's why protesting so hard.

After blogging so much on truth, I must admit one truth, that it's difficult for me to decide that whether this show should be banned or not!! What's your truth??? Please share...

" All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed,
then it is violently opposed
and lastly accepted being self-evident"

-Aurthur Schopenhauer

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