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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


As always even today our judicial system proved their mettle in taking ridiculously vague decisions.Friends! I am talking about the case of KASAB, who is allegedly involved in the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai.
Today in the afternoon ,kasab reached the court and suddenly out of the blues confessed his crime.He admitted his involvement in the rampage at cst station.But the real surprise comes after this!!! The judge after hearing the confession declared that he is still not convinced about its authenticity,so the confession was not taken on records.

I mean,wake up guys!!! The convict is himself confessing,the photographs(of kasab holding gun at cst station) helplessly scream out the truth. But still our kind law is showing mercy,God only knows why!!Two of his partners are dead and he being the only left, who else is responsible??
Our so called
'just' judges have blindly announced sentence to thousands of innocent indian citizens without thinking twice.But when it comes to kasab(a pakistani citizen) they perhaps wait for a 'muhurat' to sentence him.

Kasab made a mockery of our judicial system by first not admitting the crime few months back and then a sudden u-turn today.He simply used the hollowness of our law to live a few more months.Sometimes he asked for interpreters,sometimes medical treatment and so on.This is a matter of pity and shame as a person responsible for rampaging innocent lives is still alive hail and hearty,courtsey to our tame and dead slow judicial system.

The tag
'andha kanoon' hardly signifies justice anymore and now truly means our obsolete blind law.


  1. a very good article to expose our crippled judicial system

  2. Good article. But not a thorough analysis of our judiciary.

  3. Really nice manu....
    It comes out as a well researched and well written article....
    but I have an objection on the special emphasis given on Kasab being a Pakistani..
    But really as you rightly said THe law should go blind for who the person is(nationality,and other narrow minded boundaries..)but it should clearly see with its eyes wide open the CRIME that the person has commited..WE can for give the criminals for a moment but how can we forgive the CRIME