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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Now That's Real Entrepreneurship!!

It is said," When in Rome, do as the Romans do." An NGO named 'Wherever The Need' rightly understood it and adjusted with today's generation to fulfill its mission. Now, what's its mission?

This NGO (UK, US and India based) aims to build eco-sanitation public toilets in India for those 660 million Indians who are still defecating in the open. Wow!!!! But if it had simply went around asking for donations, hardly anyone would have paid heed to this NGO. Because, today's generation has no time for this sh*tting bussiness and are busy doing something else...

Now, comes the enterpreneurship part!! The idea was simple, become a part of that 'something else' and get attention. What's that? Simple, its social networking!!! Everyone today is busy scrapping and chatting and Twitter is the current darling of social networking. So, they have launched a plan- T4S: Twitter for Sh*tters.

As per this plan, people all over the world are asked to tweet their followers about the mission,the benefits of making toilets and to donate for the noble cause. So, gradually T4S will become a hot discussion topic and donations will start flowing in. With every 400$ raised, an eco-sanitation toilet will be constructed. Among other benefits, it will also lead to general improvement in health,better agriculture output and a massive saving. According to the facts, this mission will save India's $3 billion per year. Moreover, this will motivate the youth to talk about sanitation and cause awareness.

Efforts have been made earlier also in the form of 'Sulabh Sauchalaya' (founded by Bindeshwar Pathak) and it has turned out to be a boon. T4S will make this effort much successful and strong.
Acoording to the 2001 Census, only 18% Indians use toilets. About 78.4% of the rural and 13.6% of the urban population still practises open defecation. If a foriegn NGO can think of reducing this percentage,then why we Indians are not participating? Let's not allow anyone to depict India with poor sanitation as shown in 'Slumdog Millionaire'. So, log on, start tweeting and make this effort possible!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Modest Maya!!!

The passing of 377 act(homosexuality act) has surely helped many to express themselves freely.One of those lucky ones is the U.P chief minister Mayawati who is deeply in love with herself.She has decided to materialize her love in the form of her and her party's statue all over the Lucknow city. So that everyone can admire her all the time and make her feel like Ms. World or the great ruler Ashok.

Believe it or not,it is a 10000 crore project and that at a time when U.P is crippling with severe drought. Mayawati,engrossed in self-admiration has perhaps forgotten those dalits,who lifted her this high, and her responsibilities towards the state. In contrast, a mere 250 crore has been alloted for rehablitation of drought-prone areas.

Our 'Behan ji' has perhaps turned insane and forgot that India is a democracy and is behaving like a ruler who wants the next generations to remember her always through her statues. The supreme court has asked the U.P supremo to explain such obsolete spendthrift nature and passed a stay order on this project. Let's see if this can cease her tyranny.

But the most painful fact is that its we who choose such self-centered people to represent us, who hardly care for us. Wake up guys!!! and kick this lady off the chief minister's throne. Because while we are criticizing her tyranny on this blog, she is perhaps sitting in front of her dressing table with her make up kit and asking, "Oh mirror!! tell me,who's the most beautiful lady in this world?"

Of course! you 'behan ji' because you made U.P look terrible just to beautify yourself.