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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Save Water-Be An Earth Warrior!!!

Modern technology
Owes ecology
An apology.

This is what Alan Edisson once quoted and now is the high time for an apology. So, are you committed enough for a penance? Mother nature, who once brought you to this world is now helplessly looking forward to you to save her existence. If you desire to payback then here's a chance worth million...

GEENATHON-2, a noble initiative of NDTV and TOYOTA, is all set to do its part for the well-being of mother nature and brings forward 'SAVE WATER' as the theme for this year. In the previous year, Greenathon came with the initiative- 'Light a Billion Lives', jointly materialised by NDTV and TERI(The Energy and Resources Institute) and it turned out to be a grand success. Anyway, all this was to just provide the reader with some general awareness. Now the BIG QUESTION is- WHAT'S YOUR ROLL IN IT? HOW CAN YOU HELP? So, here's your answer...

GREENATHON- 2 will focus on our everyday activities that harm the environment like the use of plastic and wastage of water. For all this to materialise, your support and paticipation is requisite. In the near future, NDTV will be announcing the various programs and venues(various cities and villages) under the banner of GREENATHON-2 and you can actively participate in it. Also, if you have something special to share-any photo, views,video,suggestions etc., related to this initiative, then you can upload all this at ' '. This is a very interactive and knowledgeable site. Make sure to check it out.

If you are still shrugging- "Why would I care about all these foolish initiatives?", "Ahh, this is just for publicity, it will produce no results." Well, then I need to warn you my friend that it is predicted that- The wars of the twenty-first century will be fought not over territorial boundaries but over water. So,its very important for us to actively participate and help nourish this campaign.The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.

So, pull up your socks and do your bit for this earnest effort. Start preparing slogans, skits, articles. Take photographs of places which you think need attention and post on the mentioned website to help it improve. Most importantly, inform others also about this Campaign. Thomas Fuller once said," We never know the worth of water till the well is dry." Its time to tell him that he his wrong and we have realised the importance of water much before and will restore it to its previous elegance. Let's together make it possible!!!
Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Hurray!!! 21st september is celebrated as INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY by U.N(united nations). So,you may feel a bit confused that why have I used such a sarcastic title for this article. Isn't it? Read on...

It's a global call for ceasefire and non-violence. This year the U.N Secretary-General(Ban Ki-moon) is calling on governments and citizens to focus on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. On 13 June 2009, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched a multi-platform campaign under the slogan WMD – We Must Disarm to mark the 100-day countdown leading up to the International Day of Peace on 21 September.

Well!! Well!! Till here the story looks very sweet and encouraging .So,here's the catch... Ironically, when we are celebrating peace day, today in a damning revelation of Pakistan's nuclear proliferation, its disgraced scientist A Q Khan, the father of the country's nuke weapons programme, has admitted to the Pakistani nexus in the controversial atomic programme of Iran and North Korea. The disgraced 74-year-old Khan, who is dubbed as maestro of the world’s largest nuclear black market, opened his mouth after 21 years and accused Pak-gov "The bastards first used us and are now playing dirty games with us."

According to the reports blueprints of Nuclear Weapons were given to China, Iran, North Korea,Libya etc. in exchange for tonnes of enriched Uranium for Pakistan to make nuclear weapon. All this acts as a slap on the efforts of U.N to maintain non-proliferation of nuclear weapons . We all know that a nuclear war will have a horrific end with no positive outcome. But, shamefully still many countries are bent upon developing their nuclear power to show their prowess at the world stage. Moreover, Pakistan is not only developing its own but also encouraging other countries. This is surely a threat to mankind.

Albert Einstein ones said,"You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." Hence merely taking an oath on INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY on one hand and holding a nuclear weapon in another will solve no problem and this noble effort of U.N will die on paper only with no practical implications. So, we must sincerely put efforts into completely remaining away from any sort of violence starting from our home to global level and herald this noble effort of U.N.
In a nut shell, for mankind to nourish, we must follow what Gandhi Ji ones said:

"An eye for an eye will make the whole world go


Friday, September 18, 2009

Austerity Drive-Another Political Gimmick

Well, it seems Sonia ji has discovered a new drama for raising vote-bank.Austerity is the new mantra to woo public.Even the news channels are minting lucre by broadcasting special reports on 'Sonia's modesty', 'Rahul's Economy class travelling' bla bla bla... All this started when it was observed that 75% of the money, alloted for MP's expenses, goes away in travelling only,which is about 300 crores. So, Sonia madam, in order to protect party's image, started echoing that every MP will be travelling economy-class instead of business, no foreign trip for a year etc. But actually, its a political gimmick and a damage control exercise, duping the ever so gullible public.Its a cheap measure adopted by some rich whose wallets cannot accomodate all that is accumulated by squeezing the poor.

If our politicians are genuinely austere then why are they not paying income taxes? why organising meetings at a 5-star? If the expenses of an MP is thoroughly scrutinised then it will be found that money is wasted like water on their free phone calls, free passes for their kins, free foreign trips,The costs don’t even include expenses incurred on security, often way beyond actual requirements. They don’t include hidden costs like free upgrades on Air India, limitless first class train travel, a huge retinue of support staff. What about all this? Is our FM ready to answer?

The present president lives in a 360 room super lavish palace with 500 retainers and gardeners, an indoor heated swimming pool, fantastic theme gardens for exclusive use by her and her family . A fleet of US made limousines stands 24/7 ,her personal AIR FORCE ONE-jet - IS THIS A ETHICAL LIFESTYLE FOR THE HEAD OF A COUNTRY WHERE PENURY IS STILL RIFE ??? Are our politicians not purturbed by the miserable state of so many indians?

Even the news channels are shameless enough to highlight their show-off in the name of austerity and raising their TRPs. In fact all this is causing more suffering for 'aam janta' as along with the MPs their support staff,their security, the press reporters etc. are making the economy class more crowdy. This austerity era is only possible if the politicians stop using the government's money(paid by the public as taxes) for their personal uses. Why don't they use their own salaries for personal purposes?

Adding to the drama, Shashi Tharoor was ordered by the congress party to check out of the 5-star hotel in order to support the austerity drive. but why??? He was paying the bill from his own pocket and has a right to do whatever he feels like as long as he is using his own money. All in all, please stop being obnoxious and put your attention to what an MP must work for. Votes will themselves flow into your account if work is properly done. It doesn't require any filthy gimmick of this sort.