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Thursday, July 23, 2009


It is well understood that nation's security is much vital than obliging a VIP's social status. But this notion faced a challenge when Kalam's security check at the airport was termed as 'Frisking'.

Our ex-president, Mr. Kalam was at the Indira Gandhi airport to board a flight of a US continental service.The security personnel performed their usual drill of checking every passenger thoroughly, which included Kalam also. This action raised a furore in the parliament with the aviation minister promising to take action against that airline service and the reason- Why Kalam had to go through such security checks. Now,I ask why not??? why so much hue and cry???

The Indian law states prohibition of security checks of ex-prime ministers, presidents, & other VVIPs. But the US policy goes for total security check irrespective of the VIP status. Now,that's why perhaps US didn't face a single terrorist attack since 9/11-keeping peoples' security above a single VIP's dignity.VIPs,being the role model of many, are suppose to set examples by happily accepting such security checks without any fuss, so that others follow. It would in fact,raise thier dignity,showing their concern for nation.

So VIPs,at least for the sake of your so-called 'Izzat', stop blaming security personnel and behave like a responsible citizen. It's not about a single Kalam,rather everyone,starting from a beggar to the president,must adhere to the security norms. Otherwise,next time a terror attack takes place, don't even dare to blame the security services. It was we and our vague 'Dignity saving laws' which caused that security breach.

Talking about the politicians,who are raising great protest and terming the security check as frisking, well they have an inborn talent to jibber-jabber on every irrelevant matter. They are good at providing 'masala tadka' news for T.V channels and themselves passing time shouting at each other in the parliament. Perhaps,they have assumed God to handle matters of poverty,food and literacy, while, they dance to the VIP frisking music.Am I right politicians??

To compile in a nut shell, do we want ourselves safe or satisfy the whims and fancies of these VIPs? This has to be realized by us. Hats off!!! to that security which checked Kalam. Next time if a VIP comes again, check him thoroughly and make him realize that,"Boss!!! your VIP status is a dwarf compared to my giant,great nation, so kindly take off your...(aahmm, you know what!!!)."

1 comment:

  1. yeah manu,i really think u have written the right thing..everyone should be treated as it the prime minister or a checkings should be the same for everyone.after alll it is the nation which matters the,bhaand me jaye vvips aur unki vipgiri..first thing is to make our country secure n terrorfree...........