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Monday, September 21, 2009


Hurray!!! 21st september is celebrated as INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY by U.N(united nations). So,you may feel a bit confused that why have I used such a sarcastic title for this article. Isn't it? Read on...

It's a global call for ceasefire and non-violence. This year the U.N Secretary-General(Ban Ki-moon) is calling on governments and citizens to focus on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. On 13 June 2009, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched a multi-platform campaign under the slogan WMD – We Must Disarm to mark the 100-day countdown leading up to the International Day of Peace on 21 September.

Well!! Well!! Till here the story looks very sweet and encouraging .So,here's the catch... Ironically, when we are celebrating peace day, today in a damning revelation of Pakistan's nuclear proliferation, its disgraced scientist A Q Khan, the father of the country's nuke weapons programme, has admitted to the Pakistani nexus in the controversial atomic programme of Iran and North Korea. The disgraced 74-year-old Khan, who is dubbed as maestro of the world’s largest nuclear black market, opened his mouth after 21 years and accused Pak-gov "The bastards first used us and are now playing dirty games with us."

According to the reports blueprints of Nuclear Weapons were given to China, Iran, North Korea,Libya etc. in exchange for tonnes of enriched Uranium for Pakistan to make nuclear weapon. All this acts as a slap on the efforts of U.N to maintain non-proliferation of nuclear weapons . We all know that a nuclear war will have a horrific end with no positive outcome. But, shamefully still many countries are bent upon developing their nuclear power to show their prowess at the world stage. Moreover, Pakistan is not only developing its own but also encouraging other countries. This is surely a threat to mankind.

Albert Einstein ones said,"You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." Hence merely taking an oath on INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY on one hand and holding a nuclear weapon in another will solve no problem and this noble effort of U.N will die on paper only with no practical implications. So, we must sincerely put efforts into completely remaining away from any sort of violence starting from our home to global level and herald this noble effort of U.N.
In a nut shell, for mankind to nourish, we must follow what Gandhi Ji ones said:

"An eye for an eye will make the whole world go



  1. Grt Topic..!!!!Well Said..Wonderfully Explained..!!
    it is a Shame Really....Pakistan..!!!!Wen will dey understand....!!!

  2. Its true that 21st sept is celebrated as INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY.The UN can be given any sloglan to promote on.Why did the UN focus in the nuclear disarmamant ?,seems to be the real question TO THINK OFF....
    They talk about disarmament.Why cant they make a policy to control the manufacturing of arms and ammunition in the name of national defence..Why cant they put a ban on imports and exports of ammunition....
    Why do they primarily focus on such a weapon which where used only twice till date.Why are not they focusing on the supplies of arms and ammunitions.
    Today's peace is not taken nuclear weapons.Remember, thousand of life taken in United States on 9/11 was not by the nuclear weapon.The terrorist groups dont take people's peace by nuclear weapons..
    Till date, we know that non of the terrrorist group can manufacture a weapon on there on.But some how they manage to get the weapons and use at us.At present we need to stop the transactions of the weapons between countries,groups..The UN should focus on these issues which are really taking the world's peace......
    As we have seen in World War II,that nuclear weapon is the weapon of mass destruction.Why cant the UN or other international body put a ban on the development on such weapons?
    Its time to improve ourselves rather than improving others.
    if there aren't any sword to strike,its useless to prepare a shield.

  3. It looks like anonymous is not only commenting but writing in his own blog.:)

    anyway anonymous pls mention ur name from now on.thanks for commenting

  4. well...this is a good topic...yea...but we must ask ourselves;can we really stay away from nuke weapons.i mean all the countries r intent upon this,so what can a single country do by not developing its own:i m talking about india here.we have played too soft for too long.U.N is never gonna stop anyone.its policies regarding iraq proved its pathetic prowess at controlling world peace.baah!!!
    so better stay safe n strong and when anyone comes barging thru ur door, just kick his ***.
    for me world peace is a topic of the past...just do what we need to do...kick the hell outta PAK's backside--problem solved :)