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Friday, September 18, 2009

Austerity Drive-Another Political Gimmick

Well, it seems Sonia ji has discovered a new drama for raising vote-bank.Austerity is the new mantra to woo public.Even the news channels are minting lucre by broadcasting special reports on 'Sonia's modesty', 'Rahul's Economy class travelling' bla bla bla... All this started when it was observed that 75% of the money, alloted for MP's expenses, goes away in travelling only,which is about 300 crores. So, Sonia madam, in order to protect party's image, started echoing that every MP will be travelling economy-class instead of business, no foreign trip for a year etc. But actually, its a political gimmick and a damage control exercise, duping the ever so gullible public.Its a cheap measure adopted by some rich whose wallets cannot accomodate all that is accumulated by squeezing the poor.

If our politicians are genuinely austere then why are they not paying income taxes? why organising meetings at a 5-star? If the expenses of an MP is thoroughly scrutinised then it will be found that money is wasted like water on their free phone calls, free passes for their kins, free foreign trips,The costs don’t even include expenses incurred on security, often way beyond actual requirements. They don’t include hidden costs like free upgrades on Air India, limitless first class train travel, a huge retinue of support staff. What about all this? Is our FM ready to answer?

The present president lives in a 360 room super lavish palace with 500 retainers and gardeners, an indoor heated swimming pool, fantastic theme gardens for exclusive use by her and her family . A fleet of US made limousines stands 24/7 ,her personal AIR FORCE ONE-jet - IS THIS A ETHICAL LIFESTYLE FOR THE HEAD OF A COUNTRY WHERE PENURY IS STILL RIFE ??? Are our politicians not purturbed by the miserable state of so many indians?

Even the news channels are shameless enough to highlight their show-off in the name of austerity and raising their TRPs. In fact all this is causing more suffering for 'aam janta' as along with the MPs their support staff,their security, the press reporters etc. are making the economy class more crowdy. This austerity era is only possible if the politicians stop using the government's money(paid by the public as taxes) for their personal uses. Why don't they use their own salaries for personal purposes?

Adding to the drama, Shashi Tharoor was ordered by the congress party to check out of the 5-star hotel in order to support the austerity drive. but why??? He was paying the bill from his own pocket and has a right to do whatever he feels like as long as he is using his own money. All in all, please stop being obnoxious and put your attention to what an MP must work for. Votes will themselves flow into your account if work is properly done. It doesn't require any filthy gimmick of this sort.


  1. Yeh sab padne k baad....i think mujhe bhi politician banna hai....its luxurious yaar...
    free unlimited phone calls...??kisiko bhi..??kahin bhi.?? :o Gosh..!!!!
    US made Limousines..!!!! :o Jio Madam Pratibha Patil ji....
    kya Lyf hai yaar...!!!!

  2. Yep, you are totally correct.
    This is just a mere show or gimmick. Politicians want people to admire their so called austerity.

    Anyways, wait for a few more days, and everything will go back to normal, ie in the negative sense of course.

  3. hmmm...well i agree wid u samy...its really nice to be a politician..we can have all the luxuries in the a/c of govt[:P]

  4. sammy u r correct yaar....nujhe phone calls wageraah nahi chahiye.bas unlimited broadband dede bhaai..ssaaraa din president ka kaam chorke blogging n all karte rahunga.........
    AHEM.........well,on a serious note..manu u've written the truth.n plz dont blame all media news channels.there is one special channel whose mention is a must in these cases.its "AAJ TAK".isliye ab main koi bhi news channel dekhun but aajtak anhi kuch jyaadaa hi achhaa dikhaate hain MPs ki bilkul bhi achhe nahi hain.....whether they r in power or not,they always think of "looting" the "aam jantaa".hume kyaa..hum bhi to nahi badlengee.........unhi ko votes baar negative voting thi naa......jaraa poll karaa to kitne ne positive ke jagah negative voting ki is baar ke elections me??????i really want an answer........

  5. U know!! this is why i kinda like HITLER...he was all too evil and everything, but whatever he did was not for himself but for his nation.He never sought for his own luxuries, what he saw was A BETTER STRONGER GERMANY...
    nevertheless we r powerless in this regard i trudging along below the stomping feet of politics is what we r supposed to option for me is "STAY AWAY FROM POLITICS"

  6. @Arindam........well,this is not the solution arindam......if everyone starts thinking in the same manner n wants to stay away from politics then who will work 4 India.kisi naa kisi ko to is kachhre ko saaf karnaa hogaa naa......y not we?????

  7. well friends may i know what u wud have done if you were a politician...atleast most of these guys dont know to use the internet...wont u(we) all be 1 step ahead???

  8. @Saurabh.....well am sry mate if i went against ur principles,but i was xpressing my own ideas and am never AGAINST this we-gonna-change-our-nation-thing.NO.I am well aware that these hypocrites will keep to their tried n tested rules of public exploitation and frankly I dunno what "I" can do to stop them. Any ideas bro?? plz remind me...
    and Manu...yaar tune sach me ek achha kam kiya is blog ko start kar actually njoying this...thanx yaar. keep blogging!!!