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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reality Show Or Inhumanity Show???

Breaking news!!!
Charles Darwin's 'Evolution Theory' has been proved wrong, courtesy to the new cheap,cold-blooded reality show-'Pati Patni Aur Wo'. This show is bent upon proving, that we haven't properly evolved from apes and rather still have that animality in us ,by shamelessly harassing little innocent toddlers on the show.For those who are unaware, the theme of this show goes like- Few selected parents would lend their babies to five celebrity couples who would handle(actually manhandle) them for a given time span.

Yes! This show has been launched and managing soaring TRPs, this time courtesy to ill-minded, conscienceless viewers like us. Majority of us are eagerly watching every single episode of this show and shamelessly giggling at various situations shown there, hardly unperturbed by the atrocities the toddlers are facing. Would we have happily enjoyed the show munching popcorn, had a toddler from our kinship been there ? NO!!! Then why are we encouraging such shows?

After watching a streak of reality shows, it's now well-known that emotions have completely dried out in the participating celebrities and they can cross any damn limit to satisfy there lucre-lust. But this time, pathetically, even parents are ready to mortgage their child to grab handsome lucre. Perhaps there's a need to start an Oscar award for 'Best Inhumane Act', the contenders being many.

The earlier reality show, ' Rakhi Ka Swayamvar', made a mockery of the pious relationship of marriage and now another humanly emotion is on stake, that of ' Motherhood- between mother and child'.The channel has shown its insanity by launching such a sick show where a child is being used as a mere prop for fun. It's to be seen now, whether we, the viewers, would wholeheartedly accept it or reject it ,being unethical, with a protest.

Search the depths of your conscience and then react as the ethics of our humanity are at stake. And yes!! please have a pity on Charles Darwin also, otherwise his widely accepted theory would suddenly be trashed.
You are Darwin's only hope, help maintain it !!!


  1. Please give your views on this matter!!! your feedback is important.Mention your name with it!!!

  2. dude what do you expect? people have even commercialised someones death! there was a website called when will jade goody die dot com... and it rocked! he minted money.. jade goody's death was filmed and premiered in TV. not that she wished for.. for soaring TRP's

  3. seriously! what can you expect from people who do not hesitate to use each and every trivial/personal/cultural/economical/social/religious issue as a commercial platform to promote themselves...!!

  4. The first two pics in this blog clearly show what this thing truly is: "funny laughing" matter for celebs and "torturous" for babies.
    I can't even understand the logic behind this.I mean what r they trying to show? "How pathetic a celeb is in these matters?" or "How a baby reacts to a celeb?".
    And topping all these its the all famous Rakhi,who we all know,has been riding on a sweet ship of "PUBLICITY" to stay alive in bollywood.
    It seems the ppl there r running outta ideas for their channels cuz there's already a lotta "rona-dhona" going on and so now they think that high-pitch-easy-to-hear cries will be applauded.
    In other words these *@#*%&$&#*@*#*@@*#**#& (sry had to censor that) ppl should be jailed for this. And hey! the celebs in jail! thats a nice idea for a REALITY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good one.

    We should think more before applauding
    those sentimental issues.

    This is "really ridiculous show".

  6. well this is yet another immitation of some american show.....and as much as i know the human rights comission has already failed to stop good grief.i guess if indian society has to be modernized...there are much easier ways to do it than this cheap promoting the use of toilet papers to save water..lolzz :-D

  7. Gr8 issue you hve raised..!! its really a concerning cause nowadays...wid so many reality shows..rocking our brains..!!
    certainly some boundaries must b considered while immitating such western reality shows in india..!!!
    and Wen do we get our very own Reality show concept??
    wen will we stop getting inspired from dem..!!!!and prepare food in our own way..??

    Nevertheless...Well said ..Well written..very alarming issue...!!!

  8. this is ARIJIT SINHA........
    Its a very well knit write-up.......kudos to you for that.

    Between, I think the next reality show in India will be some thing like this.
    The celebs will be put in a zoo and will be asked to "DRESS UP" and "BEHAVE" like animals.........and they will be voted out on public voting asusual.....depending on who can project the INNER ANIMAL in him or her better.

    Its just all about MONEY MAKING, even if that means keeping HUMANITY AT STAKE!!!!!

  9. I totally agree...What i find very surprising is that if a Monkey is made to dance on the TV...Menaka Gandhi is all flustered and PETA activists make a row...but when it comes to Kids, Unfortunately even their own parents dont seem to too worried...(Fame, is what they get in return!!). Should we call this selfish...or just the way we are evolving...This also makes me believe in "Larmarks Theory of Evolution..." We have stopped using our brains and they hence devolve.

  10. a good one. it is quite interesting nicely written.


  11. and...even when a few protested abt dis...The breaking news was the statement given by RAKHI in an interview..."ki agar.. mere show ki taraf koi ungli uthayega.. toh mai uska hath todh dungi...rakhi kamjor nhi..." lolzzz... :P

    I guess that the "ZOO IDEA" is perfect for her.. and why not ?? wen it is followed by NAME..FAME...and MONEY!!
    and the public wud enjoy ,afterall what they need is entertainment !!! it hardly matters if it is gained by criticising CELEBS...laughing at them or enjoying like a fool...

    neways gr8 issue..and very well written..(The Evolution theory concept) :)